Living With No Regrets

​​“How do you think he’ll react, Momma?” Mark asked as the truck turned out of the long driveway and around the bend. He grabbed Mary’s elbow to help her back into the house.

“About which news?” she asked as she sat down on the recliner. Mary Leigh loved Mark as she would if he were her son; just as she did Russell. His parents disowned him when he graduated high school and came out of the closet and he had worked hard to put himself through school for web design since he had always loved computers and been good at graphics. He had never looked back.

Mark told her once that if his parents loved him as they did his siblings; they wouldn’t have been able to do that to him. As it was, only one of his sisters and one of his brothers ever talked to him anymore. Mark said he was alright with it, but she knew how much he was hurting inside. So did Leigh. That was one of the reasons they had become such good friends. Leigh had been run off because of a scandal not of her making, and Mark because of his lifestyle choice. What ever happened to ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’?

“I guess that’s the question. All of it I suppose.”

“It depends on how much she chooses to tell him.” Mary sighed at her daughter’s kind, yet broken hearted stubbornness. “You know what she says. It wouldn’t change the fact that he doesn’t believe in her. If you love someone, you have to open your heart enough to trust them no matter what, she told me and he wouldn’t listen to her.”

“She said she forgave him, but if you forgive someone with your whole heart, wouldn’t you give them another chance?”

“If the person asked for it yes, but I don’t see him ever asking for it, and neither does she.” Mary Leigh blinked back the tears that were still trying to escape.

Mark headed for the door to finish unloading the U-Haul. “Maybe he will once he sees what his avoidance of the issue has made him miss.”

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